"Allison demonstrated the unique ability to create projects that were not only well designed, but also contained more important elements — personality and soul. These are the qualities that allow a designer to create materials that establish an emotional connection between the client and their target audience. A rare skill and one that is at the core of everything Allison did for our clients."

- Brian Haselton, Creative Director, 2010


I am an independent art director and visual designer who specializes in brand experience and visual identity in Portland, Oregon. From non-profits to start-ups to national organizations, I strive to create effective and thoughtful design work that achieves a client goal. Working independently has allowed me to develop a fresh relationship to the design process, find inspiration in unexpected places, and devote to each project the time and attention it deserves.


The client relationship should be earnest, the design process should be ever-improving, and sophisticated outcomes occur when creativity and passion align with a common goal. I believe transparency is key to developing and maintaining positive working relationships. 


My career began twelve years ago when I graduated from The Art Institute of Charlotte, NC. I completed courses in Design History, Art History, Color Theory, Package Design, Figure Drawing, Printmaking, Typography and Visual Identity, among others. I have a deep love for textures, patterns, deliciously curved letters and heartfelt words.

I'm inspired by open-minded clients, honest human beings, free spirits, the great outdoors, art history, polaroids, music, energetic crowds and thought-provoking mentors.


I've been working as a Graphic Designer since 2005. In 2012, I began freelancing in Portland under the business name Allison Arno Design. In 2014, I registered the business as Studio Ox, LLC in the state of Oregon. (The DBA is Allison Arno Design.) Every now and then, I hire local contractors to help with large scale projects. In October of 2016, I updated the logo identity for the first time in over four years. On a personal note, I birthed a beautiful baby boy in November of 2017.





Art Direction
Graphic Design
Brand Experience
Logo + Visual Identity
Color Direction
Web Design
Pattern work
Event Identity
Project Management
Web Photography
Headshot Photography
Guest Speaking


Adobe Creative Cloud
15" MacBook Pro - Retina Display
27" iMac Retina 5K
Wacom Intuos Tablet
iPhone 8s
Quickbooks Online
Standing desk
A really large window

Photo by    Lisa Teso Photography   .

"She is always the professional and a pleasure to work with. From her thoughtful designs and process to her impeccable organization, she nails it for her clients every time. I highly recommend Allison for your next design project."

- Amy Phelps, Nike Design Recruiter, Production & Graphic Arts, 2015