What I Hear

Additional education, workshops and events include:

Feminist Business School, Sister, 2017
Keys to Starting and Running a Successful Solo Business, PCC, December 2016
Career Tools with Lisa Congdon, AIGA, November 2016
Design Archives, Lubalin Study Center, Cooper Union, New York, NY, November 2016
Boundaries & Burnout Town Hall, Ladies Get Paid, New York, NY, November 2016
Designer Vaca, Palm Springs, California, November 2016
WeMake Workshop: WordPlay/Lettering, Logos and Ambigrams, Tillamook Station, October 2016
Nine Women's Retreat, Eugene, September 2016
Design Week Portland, April 2016
p:ear, p:earblossoms, April 2016
How Design Live, Chicago, May 2015
Guest Speaker, How To Work With A Graphic Designer, at PSU for "Fundraising Process: Case Development", part of the PSU/WVDO Professional Certificate in Fundraising, November 2015
Pattern Camp with Jessica Swift, October 2015
Design Week Portland, Show and Tell with OMFGco, PSU, 2015
Design Week Portland, Stefan Sagmeister: Design and Happiness, PAM, 2015
Design Week Portland, Portland Designers in the Mad Men Era, PNCA, Volunteer shooter for Meldel, 2015
Design Week Portland, Humanist Interface Book Talk, The Art Institute of Portland, 2015
Design Week Portland, Design for Non-Profits, Leopold Ketel and Partners, 2015
Design Week Portland, Design + Biomimicry: Applying Whole-(eco) Systems Thinking, Hatch, October 2015
Design Week Portland, Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:volution, eRoi, October 2015
Design Week Portland, Attention to Retail, Anton Kimball Design, October 2015
Design Week Portland, The History of the Alphabet with Elizabeth Anderson, Portland Center Stage, 2015
Design Week Portland, Design Efficiency Intensive, 2015
Surtex, May 2014, NYC
Discovery Workshop with Jessica Swift, WeMake, January 23, Tillamook Station
G Cody QJ Goldberg, Creative Mornings, PDC, 2014
p:ear Harvest, 2013
Design Week Portland, WeMake Celebrates, Sandbox Studios, 2013
Design Week Portland, Perspectives of Creative Leadership with Instrument + Google, 2013
Design Week Portland, Sincerely Truman Studio Tour, 2013
Design Week Portland, Designing Women Panel Discussion, PNCA, 2013
Design Week Portland, Failed. To Be Great, OPUS Creative + PACT, 2013
Design Week Portland, Making With Meaning, Pinball Publishing, 2013
Design Week Portland, Foundations In Type, 2013
Design Week Portland, Citizen Open House, 2013
Design Week Portland, Make It Happen: Randy Hunt on Design, Entrepreneurship, and Etsy, 2013
Katrina Scotto di Carlo, Creative Mornings, Ziba, 2013
Camas Davis, Creative Mornings, June 21, 2013, Ziba
Off The Wall, June 26, 2013, Instrument
Portland Ad Federation, Why Women Thrive In Advertising, May 21, 2013, EcoTrust
Mira Kaddoura, Creative Mornings, May 17, 2013, Ziba
AIGA,  Career Tools: How To Write A Designer’s Bio, April 5, 2013, Elephants Deli NW
Andy Baio, Creative Mornings, May 22, 2013, Hollywood Theater
p:ear,  p:earblossoms, May 4, 2013, YU
AIGA, Studio Tour: Industry, February 13, 2013, Industry
Who Gives A Brand? February 13, 2013, Formic Media
Mathys + Potestio, Runt. Never Underestimate, Make Freelance Work, January 22, 2013, The White Stag Building
Jolby,  Creative Mornings, December 14, 2012, Ziba
Freelancer’s Bible: Journey to Portland, November 30, Collective Agency
Mathys + Potestio, Runt. Never Underestimate, Portfolios with Shawn Peterson, Peter Metz and Edwin
Tofslie, November 27, 2012 The White Stag Building
Thomas Wester, Creative Mornings, October 12, 2012, Hollywood Theater
Design Week Portland, Selling People Things They Need, October 11, 2012, W+K
Design Week Portland, Studio Tour, Ace Atelier, October 11, 2012, Ace Atelier
Design Week Portland, Conversation with Jelly Helm, October 11, 2012, Studio Jelly
Design Week Portland, Different By Design, October 10, 2012, Nemo
Design Week Portland, Designing For Letterpress, October 10, 2012, Em Space
Design Week Portland, Open House, October 10, 2012, Factory North
Design Week Portland, Open House, October 10, 2012, Keegan Meegan
Design Week Portland, Launch Party by Creative Cares, October 9, 2012, The Cleaners
Andrew Dickson, Creative Mornings, September 7, 2012, W+K
JD Hooge, Creative Mornings, February 10, 2012, Ziba
Ian Coyle and Duane King, Creative Mornings, November 18, 2011, Ziba
Designspeaks with Invisible Creature, Undisciplined. Ten Years In The Making, October 19, 2011, The Cleaners